Should street photography be in black and white?

Not exclusively.

It’s obviously associated with that because of known photographers like Bresson and Klein, among many others. Some of these liked to develop their own prints, and BW was the way to go. It was also cheaper than color film, and before live-view and digital age, that obviously mattered a lot, cause a huge percentage of the images captured goes straight to the trash bin.

But things have evolved, plus many places of the world are colorful. Imagine taking black and white photos only in India! what a waste that would be.

There are some images that can only work in BW, for instance you want to isolate the subject or give a noir-type of feel, and there is some images that can only work in color as it would be boring otherwise, it depends on a lot of factors;

-Time of day
-Weather, contrast issues
-The colormix
-Seasons, snowy cities with people wearing coats is more suited to BW etc.


In the end, it depends, but why use a cookie-cutter approach.


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