“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”
-Ansel Adams.

aboutmeNationality: Norway/Italy, born 1984 Oslo.
My niche is street photography, because it’s something raw, and extremely difficult to do, which includes so many elements into one image. That is why I want to focus this site mostly on that, although I enjoy equally much other types of photography too.
My first street photography series was made in New York 2009, just a few months after pursuing my interest in photography.
My goal is to one day collect all my material, and make books, street photographs gets an added value as they age, it becomes a window into past ways of life.

I will never sell my prints cheap, behind every photo there is a travel, a walk, an amount of time spent post processing, a part of your creativity. I encourage everyone else to do the same, it’s better to sell something to one who values it, than to ten who bought it for little.

“I don’t strive for technical perfection, perfection is boring, I strive for visual distinction.”
Erik Bruno.

2011 – Newspaper feature. (oyene.no)